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EZ-A Consulting helps small, technology businesses to connect to the federal markets and gets them the "foot in the door" to help them win more federal work sooner and with less overall expense.  Our processes, relationships, and experience in federal and DoD markets has shown significant improvement in business outcomes for our clients.

We focus on your success


We provide business development consulting services, strategy development, opportunity assessments, capture planning, proposal development, contract start-up staffing and mobilization support in the defense and homeland security sectors.

  • EZ-A provides fractional Business Development (BD) support to small technology start-ups. 

  • The services provided are typically for a finite period of performance

  • The client company and EZ-A agree upon a clear objective and work together to help that client win the contract. 

  • The advantage is that the client saves money by not paying for a full-time BD person and only pays for the successes of the team towards the objective.

In these economic times, particularly with federal government contracting, smaller companies cannot afford to have a standing team of business development personnel riding on their overhead pools.  Our approach focuses on the client’s specific need and a specific capture objective, thereby saving time, effort, and money.


Our solutions are based on over thirty five years' experience in the federal marketplace; how government agencies buy, what they buy, who they buy from, and when they buy.  Our solutions orient on how to get the client company's message and value to the right decision makers in the government's buying agency. 


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