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Some of our recent successes in support of our clients

PROJECT-High Mobility Decontamination System (HMDS)

EZ-A engaged with a small technology business that needed help getting in front of the potential government customer.  The effort by EZ-A consisted of helping the business to join an OTA consortium; designing the technical solution leveraging the core technology of the company to the government customer's unique requirements, then organizing and writing the prototype proposal, including the Statement of Work, Pricing, and vetting of the key vendors, suppliers, and team members.

The result of the EZ-A effort landed the technology company a $20.4MM Other Transactions Agreement (OTA) contract with  significant follow-on efforts and future work into their pipeline.


The first batch of three prototype, next generation decontamination systems were delivered to the DoD customer in 92 days after contract award and New Equipment Training (NET) was completed for the forward deployed unit overseas in under 100 days after contract award. Thirty-one additional and improved prototype HMDS systems were ordered and delivered over the subsequent two years.  The effort also included designing and building a lightweight version of the HMDS system for a specialized military customer need.  EZ-A provided a qualified Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) subcontractor to provide in the field test support and continuing logistics support to the HMDS systems for 24 months after delivery of the latest batch of HMDS systems. 

                         HMDS-Heavy and HMDS-Light

HMDS on bridge 1 cropped-sterile.jpg
VMDS-Light cropped.jpg
PROJECT-Mobilization of Joint Services Aircrew Mask for Joint Strike Fighter  (JSAM-JSF)

EZ-A consulted for a manufacturer that needed support in re-establishing its capabilities to manufacture a specialized CBR protective mask for pilots of the Joint Strike Fighter (F35/JSF).  The production line had gone idle for over two years and the personnel, training, tooling and suppliers all had to be reconstituted to meet an aggressive IOC delivery deadline.  EZ-A worked with the company, its personnel and critical suppliers to reconstitute and re-start the production line to meet their contractual requirements. EZ-A helped to manufacturer with organizing the production and testing schedule, shipping, and critical path items to streamline the production timeline and bring about substantial production, shipping, and testing time as well as significant cost savings for the production effort. 


JSAM-JSF mask and helmet.jpg
JSAM-JSF mask and helmet-1-cropped.jpg
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